Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Artist Of the Week...


Fashion Icon Of the Week...

Mrs Amber Rose
Style Icon of the week because of her original and funky style
(She really knows how to rock short hair)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Who the Fuck is The Cool Kidz On The Block?

The Cool Kidz on the Endz is here to give you the latest 411 on what is hot and not on the streets of London. I know you have seen a lot of fashion blogs but read this carefully as this blog is not like your everyday wack ass fashion blog.
We are here to give fashion advice to young people from young people on street trends of London. Yes, I am talking to the ones who seem to be living in a cave and got dress in the dark or just did not get the memo that what you are wearing is not fashionable and we The Cool Kids on the Endz would not be caught dead seeing in that.

However, fashion is something we constantly deal with everyday. Yet people who articulate that they do not care what they wear, still select clothes every morning that state a great deal about them and how they feel that day so they do care just not as much others. As some people are not good with words so fashion is a form of way for self expression with the aim of allowing people to try on many roles in life. Nevertheless what is the difference between costume and fashion and is fashion a code, a message, sumptuary or a protocol?
This is where The Cool Kidz On The Endz comes in as we are here to help young people just like Tesco say “every little’s help”.

Thank You .!.